First Time Camping

I love nature, love to do outdoors activities and my favorite is to go to the beach. Nothing makes me happier than the beach, but now living in the desert those moments are kinda rare. I remember going camping with my family when I was a kid but never happened to have the opportunity after I grew up.
This last Saturday my boyfriend decided to take us, me and The Dog “Chica” camping. The only thing I knew about was: “We’re going up north but not far”. I had no idea what to expect!
He rented almost all our stuff at REI since he ended up getting rid of his camping gear after he met me 😛
We arrived at the Diamond Trail in the end of the day, not enough time to set the tent before the sunset. But Tyler is a pro, everything looked so easy to do, but I just watched and tried to help. It was a beautiful night, the moon was so bright that was hard to see the stars, but I love the moon and the Full Moon… just my favorite!
It was a bit colder that I expected to be. Leaving a 100F behind in Phoenix and going to a 40F with just a jacket wasn’t a very good preparation from my part. I was freezing all night, almost sitting ON the fire to warm up but I survived.
The possibility of animal didn’t scared me till… In the middle of the night Tyler wake me up asking where Chica was. I answered really calm: “She is outside. Why?” and he said he heard coyotes hauling. That was it for me! No more sleeping, keeping on eye on Chica that had to sleep outside and in the end… I’m pretty sure that the hauling was somebody else dog. ha
Besides the poor night sleep because of the “coyote” and the cold, I loved the experience and can’t wait to the next one!